The Life I Live

I couldn't tell you if I am coming or going most days, it's the way I chose how to live and frankly I like it that way. Don't get me wrong I am a born planner but for some reason when it come to the big picture I like not knowing. Chaos and I are becoming incredibly close and I am getting comfortable not sure how I am feeling about that but I guess I will figure it as I go, I tend to do things the wrong way most days anyway.

I can feel peoples harsh glances on my back but honestly the realization of who I am and what I deserve is more real then ever and I am happy. There was a major motion forward in my life this morning I am not going to talk about it but the closure felt nice paired by a familiar voice that accompanied it. Honestly I don't know if I am getting older or becoming more mature either way I like it and I'm not missing the old mistakes.

I see the girls on campus and I wonder if I am better off and frankly I know I am now. I might doubt myself as we exchange glance across the dining commons but we all know that it isn't worth it, one day you will come back because she is frankly are the come princess and I will tell her that straight on. Overal life is calm, the Super Bowl is Sunday and I am going to enjoy my family this weekend but not until I rondevu with Chaos tonight.

Go Giants,

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