Who I Am

Hey There:
It's really nice to meet you. I normally like to describe myself as a no one looking for a someone. However, I am really a twenty-one year old girl with some of the biggest dreams in the world just no roadmap to find her shooting star. More specifically I am studying elementary education at a school in New England, it isn't my calling but I'm good at it. I am the most passive aggressive, up front person you will ever meet. I try to be the best human I can be, however I will please everyone before myself and determine my happiness based upon the happiness of others. All in all, I am a person looking for a path, hoping for the best, and always prepared for the worst. I've hit rock bottom, I hated it but I am not afraid to go there again. Bottom line if you have nothing to risk you have nothing to truly care about. That's the skinny.

Why I Blog:
The always repeating question of why I blog, is similar to the always repeating questions about my sexuality and is something I am always struggling on how I want to respond to.

I never knew a Blogger, I never even read a blog before, until one day I began reading this thing my friend had created called an Xanga, remember those? Anyway I like it and really wanted one super bad, but like any other teenage obsession after a week it got old and I was done. Fast forward to March 2010.

Sitting at home over Spring Break I was really bored, school was a lot at the time and I felt like I needed to talk. Similar to my daily life no one answered their phones, I was alone out of New England with too much on my mind. Cue my internal light bulb I went to Blogger's website and began filling out the information, I was totally into it picking out a name and a layout SO exciting. It was fate.

Looking back in the past year this blog and I have covered so many topics my little space, I have often admitted to becoming an addict but, this blog has been a constant in my life where nothing lasts over a month. Now when something happens telling my followers becomes my priority. My friends sometimes really get jealous.

Truth is this URL is my home, it's my safe place. It never judges me, it always listens, and it gets me when no one understands. It's all mine. Call me possessive, call me insecure, call me a lot of things but call my blog something and we are going to have a HUGE problem.