Soul Sister

To The Girl Who Watched it all Happen:

You are my Soul Sister, you understand me one no one else does and, you let me totally fuck my life up because you know in the end I have to hit rock bottom to listen to you. Thank you for sitting on the side line and watching me chose the wrong person to love last year, thank you for telling me I deserve better even when I didn't want to listen, most of all thank you for letting me not listen to you.

This summer was hard for me and you always seemed to answer when I called, even if I couldn't answer for you. Thank you for listening to me melt down about Firefighter guy being a total creep and not slapping me silly when I went after TSwift. Most of all thank you for TSwift's new nickname and threatening my life if I ever went back to her, I needed the ultimatum.

When I got back this semester and I made the wrong friends and trusted the wrong girl thank you for supporting me anyway. You were right and honestly I learn more by getting fucked over then if I hadn't. Thank you for supporting all of my bad habits for that matter and encouraging me to find myself rather then fall into the same pattern of instable, unhealthy relationships. Thank you so much.

On the sentimental side you have no idea how much it all means to me, knowing all I know now life is short friends like you come few and far between. Without turning this into a Hallmark card cheers to us, fucking our lives up and rebuilding them together one asshole and bitch at a time. I love you girl.

You're Soul Sister,

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