My 5 Step Plan

Okay let's recap, four years with a that was ended in turmoil, decided to date girls because they just want to have fun; them of them one of which is a tragic heartbreak I just couldn't get myself back on my feet. Flash forward through four years in college and here I am. Single, straighter then ever, and unable to decide if my life has completely turned around or I have stuck my head in the sand.

Talking to guys is different, I feel like after everything I have been through I would have a handle on dating however I am still walking in circles. This may have something to do with the approximate five demons I need to face within the next month; graduation, another ex girlfriend, back to school, some undeserving friends, and one really huge piece of closure that I need to start to figure out. Let's see if i can break this down since I can't seem to do it in my head.

1. Graduation: It hit me the other day real hard, one semester left less then four months to have it all figured out. To prepare myself for the next chapter and receive closure on the last four years.

2. Another ExGirlfriend: By the time I get back I know I will be able to handle anything that gets thrown my way, but still no one likes being proven right in the way I was this month and I need to get my shit back. Fairly simple.

3. Back to School: Time to set up my game, I am not a floor mat.

4. Those Undeserving Friends: It's basically time they get cut off, no one likes to be a bitch but I need to take charge of my life. Don't worry kids it's just some good clean fun.

5. Closure: There is this looming issue that like a rain cloud hangs over my head and changes my mood all the time. I intend to rid myself of this cloud in one of two very critical ways fix it or blow it up, within the month I gotta figure out if I am gonna burn that bridge again.

So that's it those are my issues, I could have it so much worst believe me I know. None of these things are terribly difficult and I figure that I will be able to have them all done but they are tedious and I am coming off the most relaxing break. I just don't want to be where I was when I left, I wont go back there not this time.

One more semester, life flies when you're living right.

Goodnight Everyone,

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  1. Ah closure...the thing that seems so easy, yet is so hard!


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