I'm a grumpy kid this time of year, but right now I am even grumpier then usual. Incase you were wondering there are a bunch of shit talkers focusing on my life this week and frankly I am going to nip this whole thing in the butt right now. Here is my letter to them, you can also find this on my tumblr.

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Dearest Gossipers,
I am single and I know you all know what that means, it's time for you all to run your mouths. In an attempt to save you all a little time I have compiled a list of several shit talking points, I advise you to embellish them as much as you want in order to receive the most rapid spread of pure gossip. The list goes as follows:
  • Kayla (my ex) and I still talk, in fact we are good friends.
  • There is a boy in my life, yes I refer to him as Blue Eyed Sexy Time.
  • I was in New York all weekend drinking obscene amounts.
  • I text roughly 20 people a day.
  • In a recent study 99.98% of people called me a flirt.
  • I'm sexy and I know it.
  • On this past scandalous night I was spotted with 3 different guys in a theatre!
Good luck guys I know you thoroughly enjoy talking about my private life and that about wraps up my weekend, so in the spirit of the giving season I hope I have made your nights. Happy shit talking, and back stabbing.
The Chubbie Chick

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