I never really go into my personal life on this Blog in regards to family, whether they are blood or by marriage I truly believe family is family no matter how screwed they are. I say screwed because as I am learning quickly in my final year of school, no one is perfect as well as no situation.

With split parents I would describe two very different family units, on the paternal side there is love just raw love. No matter who it is they will insist of our family ties, we are all so different but when a holiday rolls around no one is missing without a decent reason. My maternal side family isn't blood related, in fact it  is actually by the marriage of my mother to my step father that has brought us all together. This family is filled with skeletons, uneasy feelings, and greed. It's an intense story to tell but none the less they are family.

I don't know where I was headed with this post, I think that my unexpected snow week I had a good chance to reflect on my family visits and our different dynamics along with upcoming Thanksgiving. What I am overal trying to get at is friends can be fake, husbands and wives can leave, break ups happen everyday but family is family no matter how angry you get at each other.

I should mention to conclude this post, I am not out to the majority of my family. Mainly because I haven't found a good person that is important enough to make me want to, though I was close with Ti. You all know where that got me.

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