Logistics of Life

I have a new theory on life, it came to me today while I was standing in line this is important because I ask you all to put yourself in a similar situation. Life doesn't really wait for you to move in fact you are born into a busy world and will ultimately die in a similar world. No one ever really stops very long and certainly never asks if you need to pause, is it me or am I way in left field here? Sometimes I think I am like Sophocles feel free to knock me down a few notches.

So in this fast pace world everyone is doing something, even when you're doing nothing so does that mean our lives are almost premapped out for us in a series of decisions kind of like the web quizzes you take in Cosmo (yeah i just compared life to a Cosmo quiz) but the only difference is at the end there's only one ; death. Either way I am ultimately getting to the same place as everyone else but depending on my course depends on how long it takes.

I swear I am not out there I just really started harping on it this afternoon and couldn't shake the notion that I am just completing a series of objects before I die. God okay now I sound morbid. Guys am I crazy here, does anyone out there ever feel like you're just going through the motions of a planned logistics map?

"Have some fun in this world it isn't like you're going to make it out alive anyway."

Who knows,

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