Happy Snowolleen

I told you I'm a sexy dark chocolate raspberry head :) this is my belated promised photo!

Greetings guys from my warm nest close to myt fireplace in good old New York, that's right New York I have escaped from my powerless school in New England for heat, food, and some cute trick or treaters.  Like the rest of New England Saturday we got nailed with snow and my school had to bend over and take it up the ass by mother nature, just like we did for the June tornado, Irene, and now this La Nina blizzard. They are in rough shape there, I feel terrible for the girls who are approaching their second cold night in the dorms, but not for my God given 2 snow days! Thank you.

I haven't blogged a lot in the past weeks, mainly because there just hasn't been a lot to say. I'm still feeling this way like always my life is a roller coaster and right now I'm just enjoying this downhill slop. Mainly I wanted to update my blog for all of you, so you know I am here, doing well and because I am thinking of some big changes within the next weeks. Until then if you are missing my day to day antics, or you are a big homo like me check out my tumblr I do not disappoint!


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